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Frolicing Frenchies

Where Frenchies Frolic…brings to mind images of puppies playing, chasing each other and tumbling over their own feet, doesn't it?

Support Rescue

We truly believe each of us can and should support the rescue. Join us in helping the dogs who need our help.

History in the Making

Our Frenchies have been Movers & Shakers & History Makers. Join us in the next stage of our Frenchie adventure.

Great Support

We are here for you for the life of your Encore French Bulldog. If an Encore French Bulldog frolics into your life you will be Encore Family.

Encore French Bulldogs ~ Where Frenchies Frolic!

Welcome to Encore! We are thrilled to share photos of some of the puppies who have gone on to loving forever homes, info on the stud dogs who have influenced so many pedigrees and new of upcoming stars and litters. Enjoy!